Philadelphia Sheriff's Office Previous

Client: Sheriff Jewell Williams
Services provided: Web Design, Social Media, App Development

Sheriff Jewell Williams campaigned on a promise to make the Philadelphia Sheriff's Office more open and transparent. When he took office in January 2012, he inherited an office with almost no stable technological infrastructure and absolutely no web presence.  Soapbox Solutions joined the team late in 2012 to help Sheriff Williams make good on his promise to make the office more accessible.  We built highly interactive website that is fully translated in both English and Spanish - making the Sheriff's Office the first government agency in Philadelphia to provide all online content in more than one language.

We worked with the Sheriff's IT Department to provide searchable listings of Sheriff Sale properties on the website with status updating in real time. We developed a web app that calculates complicated fees required for the Sheriff to serve court orders.  Soapbox Solutions developed an integrated email campaign as well as a social media strategy to help the Sheriff better connect with residents of Philadelphia.