Getting On Our Soapbox

We've Relaunched Our Website with a Responsive Design

Soapbox Solutions is proud to launch the latest redesign of our website. We reconstructed the site from the ground up to develop a feature-rich, responsive design utilizing the latest innovations in HTML5 and CSS.  

The responsive design adapts the website to any screen size including mobile and tablet devices. As electronic devices evolve, the tech community must constantly rethink how we build websites. Instead of designing websites to look good only on desktop computers—with fixed widths and large graphics—we now use fluid layouts. When we use this more flexible approach, images re-size automatically and we are able to create consistent user experiences across all devices.

Soapbox Solutions is dedicated to helping our clients communicated with the broadest possible audience on the devices they choose to get their information from. That increasingly means we must reach them on their mobile devices. Responsive design offers an excellent way for our clients to easily engage their audience at home or on the go.