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Soapbox Solutions is a Philadelphia based political consulting firm specializing in strategy, online communications, and web app development.

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With over 20 years of political experience, Soapbox Solutions can provide the political strategy you need to acheive your goals

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Soapbox Solutions can help you develop and implement a social media strategy to reach and engage your targeted audience online.

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Whether you need a website, email campaign, or mobile app, Soapbox Solutions can design and develop the tools you need to get the job done.

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We know how politics work in Philadelphia

With Soapbox Solutions, you'll have a partner who not only understands tech and online communications, we get Philly politics. So you can be guaranteed your message will be delivered just right!

Micah Mahjoubian

Micah Mahjoubian has over 20 years experience running campaigns, working inside government, and deploying cutting-edge technoloy. He is the perfect blend of tech geek, policy wonk, and political guru you're looking for.

Howard Moseley

Howard Moseley applies outstanding project management skills in a variety of contexts.  He is smart, creative, disciplined, and driven.  He also knows how to keep everyone moving on schedule.

We've Relaunched Our Website with a Responsive Design

Soapbox Solutions is proud to launch the latest redesign of our website. We reconstructed the site from the ground up to develop a feature-rich, responsive design utilizing the latest innovations in HTML5 and CSS.  

The responsive design adapts the website to any screen size including mobile and tablet devices. As electronic devices evolve, the tech community must constantly rethink how we build websites. Instead of designing websites to look good only on desktop computers—with fixed widths and large graphics—we now use fluid layouts. When we use this more flexible approach, images re-size automatically and we are able to create consistent user experiences across all devices.

Recommendations for the 2013 Primary

Today is Election Day in Philadelphia. It is an off year election, and with no high profile office up for grabs, it will likely be one of the lowest turnout elections Philadelphia has seen in quite a while. But I urge you all to vote. The polls are open from 7AM to 8PM. Elections are important, even when the offices aren’t as sexy as President, Governor, or Mayor.

As I do each election cycle, I have put down my thoughts on the election below to be used as a guide for any of my friends looking for advice on who to vote for. Feel free to pull this up on your smartphone in the polling booth to guide you in your voting, or ignore it and vote for whoever you want. Just make me a promise that you’ll vote.

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